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AnyGoal SalesForce Goal Tracking

Spotlight Top Performers

Spotlight Top Performers with Custom Chatter Posts

Highlight great work across your organization with custom Chatter posts. Trigger automatic posts based on configurable goal performance thresholds.

"Sales reps use anyGoal to see their own goals and achievements, we believe this will be very motivating for them to increase their productivity and be aware of their team results in real time and in an easy and user-friendly way.”
- Project Manager, Casas Platino

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Identify Top Performers

Improve Individual Results and Boost Bottom Line

Empower decision makers to act in real time based on up to date goal performance results anytime, anywhere.

"Current goal results are available to individuals and managers anytime on dashboards. This enables our managers to be proactive and work with individual team members to address shortfalls in real-time. As a result of implementing anyGoal we have seen an increase in productivity that directly improves our bottom line. AnyGoal has truly exceeded our expectations.”
– Division Director, Valassis Solution Center

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Track Goals

Align Your Organization with Actionable Goals

Set individual goal objectives for any time period and measure performance by any standard or custom object.  

“In our first conversation with an anyGoal representative we were able to setup a goal to track weekly individual sales activity in a matter of minutes. This was something we had no way of doing prior to installing anyGoal. We were ecstatic that we were finally able to view real time goal performance compared to goal objectives on our dashboards exactly how we wanted to see it.” – Business Analyst, Valassis Solution Center.

motivate individuals

Motivate Individuals and Increase Competition

Drive individual performance by providing secure access to current and historical goal performance and peer rankings.

“AnyGoal has enabled us to view performance within Salesforce in ways we didn’t think were possible. This has increased the overall value of Salesforce for our organization. AnyGoal has been met with excitement as we roll it out to users and managers because everyone knows where they stand compared to goal objectives at all times.” – Business Analyst, Valassis Solution Center.

InCloud is a salesforce.com AppExchange and Cloud Alliance partner located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide rapid value and competitive advantage to our customers through our products and services. We utilize salesforce.com’s cloud-based technologies to produce fast and impactful results with little up-front cost and risk.

inCloud is the creator of anyGoal, the leading goal management solution on the Salesforce.com appExchange. AnyGoal is a 100% native force.com app enabling quick and easy setup of individual goals on any data in your organization.

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