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Track Salesforce Goals with anyGoal

anyGoal is a 100% native Force.com goal management application that allows you to quickly and easily create and track Salesforce goal definitions matching your business processes.

You specify the goal data source (e.g. Opportunity, Lead, Quote, Widget) and the Target (e.g. User, Territory, Branch, Factory) for which goal results are segmented and reported. Specify custom goal tracking criteria so only the data you specify is included in goal results.

AnyGoal automatically keeps Salesforce.com goal results up to date and displays actual, relative percentage and stack ranking results on prebuilt reports and dashboards.


Can You Easily Identify Top Performers?

Easily Identify Top Performers

AnyGoal makes it quick and simple to accurately identify top achievers.

Goal objectives are entered by individual Targets, allowing performance to be displayed as a percentage of goal achievement.
Viewing raw data without knowing what is expected provides an incomplete and potentially dangerous view of performance. 



Set Individual Goals for Any Object and Timeframe

Set Goals for Any Object and Timeframe

With anyGoal, you can set objectives by any standard or custom object.

The first example sets objectives for the number of calls made by individual Users per week.
The second example sets objectives for the number of Widgets delivered by Factory per month. 



Custom Goal Criteria

Custom Goal Criteria

AnyGoal makes it easy to create goals that match your business processes.

With anyGoal, you can select an unlimited number of criteria, so only the records you want are calculated into the goal results.



View Team Performance

View Team PerformanceAnyGoal makes it easy to view your team’s performance.

View individual goal performance stack ranked, or view your team’s overall performance in aggregate.
Goal results are secure, current and always available within your salesforce.com organization.
You have complete flexibility and control over how goal performance is displayed.



View Individual Performance

View Individual Performance

AnyGoal makes it easy for individuals to view current
and historical performance compared to goal objectives.

Increase accountability and competition by showing users their peer ranking. Access to goal performance data works like any other object so you have complete flexibility and control over how results are viewed.



Recognize Achievement

Spotlight top performers with custom Chatter posts.

Chatter feeds trigger automatically based on flexible goal performance thresholds and rankings. This makes goal achievement social, fosters sharing of best practices and reinforces accountability within your organization.



Mobilize Goal Achievement

anyGoal iPad iPhone

Get Current goal results anytime, anywhere.

Access real-time anyGoal performance data and Chatter updates from your favorite mobile device.


Here is what some anyGoal users have to say…

In our first conversation with an anyGoal representative we were able to setup a goal to track weekly individual sales activity in a matter of minutes.


AnyGoal’s flexibility has exceeded our expectations and handled all goal scenarios we have thrown at it.


AnyGoal has enabled us to view performance within Salesforce in ways we didn’t think were possible. This has increased the overall value of Salesforce for our organization.

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